Think 24 hr fitness is a gym that has taken all the positives out of every other gym I have ever been a member of(cheap membership fees, 24hours, a whole level dedicated to squat racks and lifting platforms, muscle up rings, chin up bars, great weightlifting and hiit classes, everyone puts their weights back, the place is so clean and you can plug your own iPod in and listen to your own music) and has combined them to make the best gym in Brisbane! Cassie Shields

This gym is awesome! The rates are really reasonable. There’s heaps of space on two levels and there’s loads of equipment. I’ve been going there since it opened and I’ve never had to wait for any cardio machines, even during peak times, and if there’s somebody using the weight machine you want they’ll usually let you jump in between their sets, there’s a great crowd there. I can be a bit of a night owl too, so the fact that it’s 24hr works perfectly for when I feel like a late session. Dave and Mark are great guys, really friendly, as are the other PT’s. I can highly recommend the club, it has a great atmosphere, and I can highly recommend Dave as a PT. I’ve been training with him for over 3 years now and he’s helped me go from an unfit guy who made any excuse to get out of exercise to a guy who loves exercise and keeping fit! He also takes time to listen and get to know you, and provides great advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle options. He keeps my sessions challenging and tough. I’ve never done the same one twice in 3 years. Christopher Brandon

Since moving to Brisbane in November 2012 I tried a couple of different gyms and found the atmosphere here to be the best I’ve ever been to. The whole team here ranging from Mark, David and all the PT’s are knowledgeable, friendly & do a great job in helping many of us shed the pounds and building muscle. When asked where you train it’s difficult to be honest as it’s such a gem in a fantastic location, you almost want to make it a secret. Steve McGarry

A great gym and amazing staff to go with it. Dave and Mark have created an ideal space for you to make your fitness dreams a reality. Check it out now and make a change. Nathan Drakopoulos

“I have been training with Bart for six months and feel so much better than when I started. Initially I had reservations about the value of a PT. However Bart has been terrific. He pushes me to the next level and is highly motivating. I have an injury which can cause some issues but I am totally confident that Bart will make me work hard but not cause any further damage. Bart is a dedicated professional and works hard to accommodate client needs. If someone had told me six months ago that I would actually want to go to gym and do a work out I would have thought it was impossible – however with Bart’s guidance this is exactly what has happened.” Alison Stanley

“Bart’s enthusiasm combined with his knowledge and positive attitude have encouraged me to keep training. I have confidence in his ability to program enjoyable and effective training sessions. Rod.” Rodney Stanley

“Hi Bart,

Just wanted to send you through a video to say THANK YOU for being an amazing trainer and going above and beyond of what we would expect. Since the both of us have started training with you about 2 years ago now, we have both become healthier, fitter and now know what is possible. We have tried many trainers between us in the past, none that have kept us consistent, motivated and as happy as you have. You definitely know how to push us and just enough to keep us coming back. The results we have seen in our bodies as well as our fitness and enthusiasm is huge and we couldn’t thank you enough! For anyone out there, boy or girl, looking for a trainer who actually cares, is down to earth, knows their stuff and really listens to what you want to achieve then look no further because this is your guy! Thank you so much for everything.
Jessica Jankovic & Sammy Mayes (refer video below)

“Bart is a true professional whose dedication as a personal trainer is evident by his genuine passion, knowledge, commitment, enthusiasm and constant encouragement in helping you to achieve your fitness goals. A personal training session with Bart is intense, mentally and physically challenging and very addictive. Most importantly, Bart’s sessions are fun, so you will WANT to train not HAVE to train.” Reshma Callus

“I started training with Bart at New Farm’s “Think 24hr Fitness” 2 years ago. I was a PT sceptic, but I had goals I wanted to achieve! I wanted to build muscle, and I was looking for someone to help boost my enthusiasm and challenge me as I was lacking this in the gym on my own. Bart has re-ignited my passion for fitness and pushed my body to limits like I would never have imagined. I’ve had better results from 2 PT sessions a week with Bart in just 9 months, compared with up to 4 sessions a week over the last 10 years on my own. I thought I knew what muscle failure was, I was wrong; very wrong. Bart has shown me what ‘true failure’ really means. It’s painful, but has got me the results I asked for, in a far shorter time frame. Bart’s knowledge and enthusiasm has made me a client for life. He has uncomplicated what I had overcomplicated. His in-depth knowledge has provided me with the best way and most importantly the safest way to train for maximum gains, without hurting yourself. His training style really shows you can do so much in 30 minutes. It’s not uncommon to feel like a bus has driven over you or your legs are on fire within 5 minutes of his training. This make me come back every week! If it’s fast results and a tailored training program you are looking for, I highly recommend Bart. Just try a session and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.” Grant Kros

“Training with Bart has been a fantastic experience. I had not trained for a while when I started with Bart so it took some time to get into the swing of things. Bart made sure I progressed quickly but never in a way that felt excessive of overwhelming. Training was tailored to my specific goals and we checked in regularly on how we were tracking. Bart made sure that I was using the right technique for safety and to maximise on results and although was flexible with how we approached training in terms of specific exercises I had a preference to, he always made sure we covered all bases. Bart was easy to work with and always planned his session times well so I knew when I’d be training in advance and was able to accommodate training around my schedule. Training was always the right balance of hard work and fun, I looked forward to our sessions even on the days I’d much rather of been doing anything else then going to the gym. Bart helped keep me motivated and focused on my goals and overall a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend Bart to anyone who is serious about training regardless of their current level of fitness” Marc Thomas

“Previously I was never big on personal training, or even going to the gym for that matter, but I knew a change was needed and thought I would give it a go. Now I am motivated, seeing great results and always looking forward to the next session with Bart—he has been extremely professional, knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness, and a superb driving force in helping me achieve my goals!” Nick Beach

“Bart takes pride in every client he trains. He’s fully vested in my success and continually pushes me to achieving goals that I thought were unattainable. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. His principles have been helpful for me in my work as well as my personal life. Thanks Bart!” Tony Bocca

“I have been consistently doing resistance training for the previous 10 years and have always been fairly confident in solo training…until I met Bart. I approached Bart 3 months prior to the 2012 Sydney Tough Mudder event. Although I train hard by myself, training with Bart takes everything to a new level. Rather than pointlessly barking orders for further sets and reps, Bart has the innate ability of understanding my limits and how to strategically push pass them. The 45 minute session is the complete package, I am greeted with a fresh bottle of water and a towel…I literally only take my keys to the gym. The session will be shaped around my training goals (currently snow boarding in Japan at Christmas) and concludes with Bart putting me back in line with a stretch and massage. It really is a complete package. On top of that…I can see my abs again…Dr. Bart Verschuuren is the 45 minute pit stop everyone should add to their weekly body service.” Ben Hall (refer video below)

“Bart Verschuuren is a trainer who is very knowledgeable and creative! I see Bart twice a week and not one session is the same—he’s the type of trainer that mixes in both cardio and weights at a high intensity level without fail! Bart makes sure he works all the major body parts every session while keeping it interesting, exhausting and enjoyable at the same time. One of my favourite parts about his training sessions, is that he always massages and stretches you down after, its amazing! He’s always enthusiastic and very supportive—I can always count Bart for anything, even a good chat! He’s easy going, easy to talk too and very easy to get along with! I always look forward to our sessions every week!” :) Stefania Schiavon

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I joined think 24hr fitness in February 2012 in desperate need of some help and guidance on how i should shred the 30 extra kg’s i was carrying.  From first meeting Mark and David, i knew this was the gym for me.  Friendly professional service i had not found when inquiring at other local gyms. Since joining the club i have throw away all my XXL shirts and 36 pants and proudly now wear M and 32 pants! In a nutshell Brisbane’s best gym. Jamie Miller.











James Cowilshaw

Love love love my new gym and trainer, except when I can barely walk after a session..thanks David (and Terry). Been to many a gym but this place is different, personable and deserves to do well… I’ll keep telling people :) Lauren Bernhardt

This is the best gym I’ve been too. Mark and Dave know everyone by name. The new downstairs room has something to cater for everyone, including Cross Fit. Classes are tough and my Personal Trainer (shout out to Caleb) is awesome. Stephen Taylor

Perseverance & Commitment.. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. In a 3 month period I put on 10 kg’s, my exercise routine went from running and preparing for marathons to being physically unable to walk for 10 minutes than alone run or weight train once a week. I slept up to 12 hrs a day yet I felt like I hadn’t slept a wink as i was so exhausted. Anger & frustration I felt at my situation on a day to day basis as I couldn’t understand why it was me and why i wouldn’t get better! Fast forward 18 months.. Through researching my condition, getting rid of people and vices that were negative in my life, acceptance (very important) and changing the way I do everything- i.e Diet & getting a training program (thank you Think 24hr Fitness) etc, today, I’m feeling fitter & stronger than i have ever felt and I have hit the half way mark of my weight loss goal! Just 5 kg to go! So.. in a feel good moment for all of you out there that feel a little disheartened about your training and fitness goals… Keep persevering, keep committed and keep visualising your end goal :-). Gabrielle Browne

I’ve only been to three gyms in my life, so far this is the best of the three!! Only just started and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon! #think24hrfitness! Trent Wilson

Joining this Gym was the BEST decision I have ever made! Didn’t have to work around the fellas with the weights nor wait for anyone to finish on a certain machine! Ahh pure bliss! Looking forward to training here to achieve my fitness goals. Glad I didnt ignore the flyer in my letterbox and calls haha! Christel Sharpe

Great workout areas and classes, friendly staff and an atmosphere that really gets you through the tougher workouts. Jaspar Goodman

You boys really are making a difference with each and every shape and size person that walks through that door.  Oh and don’t forget how nice you guys are all the time… Well done, it touches my heart to know there’s people out there like you all! Thank you so much! Joanne Dalglish

Ok just saying I LOVE THIS GYM!!!!!  I had the greatest training session today and I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Mark, you Rock dude, I feel great and thank you so much for everything. David you also Rock too especially with all your help while I train and one day I will get a session from you too if you do training sessions :) Tracy Gotshall

Thanks for being flexible in regards to my partner and my memberships recently. Love what you have done with the space. Jacks Ladder

Hi all. I’m new. David trained me yesterday. Can hardly walk today. Guess I did something right. I’m loving how helpful and caring David and Mark are, the gym is awesome. Happy I can play my heavy metal at the machines too. Bonus! Looking forward to getting fit, losing weight and feeling proud of myself. So glad I joined Think 24hr Fitness! But those lunges… Ugh! Leanne Michelle Davies

I am so pumped to start training next week! Thank you for your amazing Rad selves, it is a fantastic centre so much space and brand new equipment! I can’t wait to try everything out. :) Happy Dance time. Madonna Chapman

I have never been keen on working out in any gym and my enthusiasm would vanish after a couple of sessions. I actually look forward to going to Think24. Even went last Saturday night (huge deal for me). I get greeted by name and the staff are always there to help out with tips and a helping hand with anything!!! Michelle Thompson

“Bart is a dedicated trainer who is able to push you further than what you think you’re capable of without seeming like a drill sergeant. Love his training style and so glad to have a PT who really cares for his clients!” Helen Ross

“I have been training with Bart for 12 months now with amazing results. Bart has the knowledge and experience to draw the best from each session with a skilled eye to target exactly what your body needs. I would highly recommend his services and look forward to training with him for years to come.” Geoff Brown

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