Bart - Personal Trainer - Gym

Bart Verschuuren

Personal Trainer (Newstead)

0421 706 646

PhD (Biomedicine)
Type 2 Diabetes B. Science (Hons) Physiology/Biochemistry
Dip. Fitness Business
Cert. IV & III (Fitness)
Blue Card Certified (#809045/2)
St. John’s First Aid & CPR

Bart heads the trainers team at Think 24hr Fitness with a strong understanding of human physiology and systems that govern the body and mind. He takes a passionate and competent approached to his profession spanning 16 years of professional registration, commitment to the industry and practiced methods. Bart holds a Level 3 Advanced Exercise Professional certification, the highest degree recognised by Fitness Australia.

Bart focuses on Bodyweight and Abbreviated Training—a hybrid of traditional, functional-strength and time- limited training tactics. He works with people of all ages, skill levels, fitness interests and physical abilities, treating every client individually by outlining strategies towards a functional, realistic and visible result through logic and simplicity. Bart collaborates with GP’s, Sports Dietitian's, Physiotherapists and other allied health experts. His future endeavours will hopefully see him enter Med School with interests in both Sports Medicine and Sports Psychiatry.

Fly Fishing, Hunting, Diving, Sailing, Traditional Muay Thai, Skiing/Snowboarding, Reading.

Specialising in:
Lift for Life Certified Trainer & Licensed Provider, Exercise for Pregnancy & Post Natal, Powerlifting Coaching Course (Level 1),Boxing Instructor (Level 1), Advanced Bootcamp Instructor (Level 2)

Refer testimonial page of our website"

Caleb - Personal Trainer - Gym

Caleb Mayberry

Personal Trainer (Newstead)

0414 715 101

Cert IV in fitness
Cert III in fitness
Senior first aid

Caleb’s interest in health and fitness started from you young age where he was involved in an array of sports.

Caleb excelled in many sports but found his niche in rugby and soccer. This lead him to become a strength and conditioning coach for several rugby and soccer teams.

Caleb’s 3 years industry experience has allowed him to work with many different types of people with varying goals, this experience has given Caleb the tools necessary to help you achieve your goals, and his results speak for themselves.

Weight training, Football of all codes, The occasional good scotch.

Specialising in:
Body re-composition via fun, One on one and group personal training, High intensity interval training.

I used to hate going to the gym. But training with Caleb has made me love it and im loving the results too. Craig B.

Terry Personal Trainer

Terry O’Neill

Personal Trainer (Newstead)

0413 284 559

Cert III & IV in fitness
Cert III in Sports Coaching (specify in martial arts)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Senior First Aid
Sport Medic

Terry brings to the team an extensive knowledge and experience with over 10 years in the health and fitness industry.

Starting off training in martial arts at the age of 16, he began instructing at age 18, helping train National and International Champions. Terry then moved through to competing in amateur and professional competition in Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

Terry has since focused on Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit and High Intensity Interval Training to help improve his own fitness goals and to broaden his knowledge to offer his clients a wider range of training.

CrossFit, Weights, Running, Muay Thai, MMA.

Specialising in:
Body re-composition, CrossFit, Boxing/Muay Thai cardio and technique

“I found training by myself boring and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted training with Terry has given me a newfound love for exercise and the confidence to not only reach my goals but to set new ones.” - Caroline Austin

Gareth PT pic copy1

Gareth Musson

Personal Trainer (Newstead)

0418 736 004

Master of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies)
Bachelor of Business (Economics)
ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach
Cert III and IV in Fitness

As a member of the Think 24hr Fitness team Gareth provides a wealth of knowledge and experience. With over 10 years experience in the industry Gareth has completed a Master of Exercise Science specialising in strength and conditioning, a Bachelor of Applied Science specialising in Human Movement and a Bachelor of Business. He is an accredited Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

Gareth’s guidance as a strength and conditioning coach is based on supported scientiKic principles that optimise health related physical Kitness. With the goal of improving Body Composition, Strength, Endurance and Mobility. Gareth provides effective and efKicient programming that optimises results tailored to any goal.

Feel free to contact Gareth with any questions on his proven training practices via email at

Olympic weightlifting, Athletic Development, Functional Movement and Body Sculpting

Specialising in:
Strength and Conditioning, Assessment and Analysis, Personalised Training.

“Gareth is the type of trainer who will push you to achieving results fast. He stands out from many trainers in the way he combines his academic background to the science of sports and Kitness. Using up to date evidence based practice as well as being a passionate and active participant in the weight lifting sport himself. He will dedicate a lot of time and hard work in structuring a program speciKic to you, but in return he expects hard work so I have learnt from the very beginning that I either show up to train hard each and every session or I don't bother showing up. I recommend Gareth to people who are willing to work hard for results, want improved motivation, conKidence and want to learn how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. As well as the elite athlete or those who already have a training background but need to step it up to the next level”. SARAH F.


Nick Mayfield-Smith

Personal Trainer (Newstead)

0403 630 762

Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
Senior First Aid
Certified Level 1 & 2 Kettle Bells Instructor
Bootcamp Instructor Level 1

I have been a qualified fitness professional for over 6 years now. Since starting in this industry it has been a goal of mine to help as many people as I can, and I strive everyday to make a difference in the industry.

My fitness journey started quite sometime ago. I was overweight in my teens and really struggled with weight loss. Losing the weight and making exercise part of my lifestyle has really made a huge impact on me and my life. I knew then I wanted to make a change in people's lives, helping them become fitter, healthier and happier.

After completing my first group training session, I knew that this was something I wanted to be apart of. I’ve trained a variety of groups including Ladies groups, older and special needs groups and i’m capable of training all ages/types.

Im very innovative and encouraging and I would love the opportunity to help you on your own health and -itness Journey.

Traveling, Power lifting, functional training, animal lover, house music, food and imported rum.

Specialising in:
Weight and body fat loss, Strength by functional training.

I started training with Nick over 5 years ago in a bid to get -it and generally tone up, and have never looked back. What I achieved with Nick’s help was far more than this! My overall health strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to your needs to help you achieve your goals within your desired time frame. I have learn't so much from Nick, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I have. His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear. I couldn’t live without my weekly personal training sessions with Nick-they are the vital part in me maintaining my optimum health and fitness levels ! Nick is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational...and I can’t recommend him enough!!

Elesia Yoga ProfileK

Elesia Iimura

Yoga Instructor

Yoga and meditation have always been a part of my life. You could say I was born into Yoga as my mother is a Yoga teacher. At an early age I began attending her Yoga classes, sometimes demonstrating postures to her students. I also enjoyed the dharma group she lead for Kids at the Chenrezig Buddhist Institute on the Sunshine Coast where I learnt meditation techniques. I was very fortunate to have been instructed on the fundamental philosophy of Yoga from which all contemporary Yoga stems. As a child we travelled to India, (the birthplace of Yoga), as part of my childhood education.

This early training inspired me to follow in her footsteps and in 2007 I completed my yoga teacher training at "My Health Yoga" under the guidance and supervision of Carrie Anne Fields who I regard as an enlightened teacher in this field. To further enhance my practice I am also training in Capoiera, a Brazilian Martial Art.

My Vinyasa Flow style is lead from a natural and intuitive space that responds to the needs of the individual. Each class incorporates the essential components of Hatha Yoga - the postures, and Pranayama - the breath, using a Vinyasa (flow) sequence focusing on coordination of breath and movement.

As well as developing strength and stamina, each class takes you to a level of stillness where you can experience clarity of mind and your true inner nature. Over time, practising yoga is a transformational process involving every aspect of your being. It gives you a deeper awareness that transfers into your daily life awakening you to the unlimited potential within.

Ultimately, the style of yoga I offer can give you, not only physical fitness and core strength, but also the ability to handle stress and access inner strength and peace.